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Nkuringo Nursery & Primary School


Since we came across this school in October 2004 a lot has changed.  This was our first project having seen how few children could afford full time education.  Jan committed to help and started by sponsoring one child with a view to getting friends to help and have 12 sponsored by Christmas.  Four years later there are 229 fully sponsored children in the Primary School.  We have built classrooms and dormitories and our twice annual Go Uganda trips on which 24 volunteers assess progress and take over a ton of aid ensure that every penny we get is put to good use!  The school has successfully put forward P7 pupils for their certificate of education for 2 years now and all have passed!  The school is now a successful and integral part of the community that we will continue to support.


Community Vocational Secondary School


The Secondary school which is located in Kahurire village, Nteko parish, was founded by the Nkuringo Community Development Foundation (a community that promotes sustainable management of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park) on 30th January 2017.  It opened with 60 students with a Senior 1, 2 and 3 class. Since the Go Uganda October 2017 visit, Mel Dolding and Kate Bishop took on the sponsorship programme for the school.  The school currently has 167 students, 82 of which are sponsored, with 17 teachers, and they now have Senior 1 – 4 classes with new classrooms being built ready for Senior 5 and Senior 6 in the future. As well as sponsoring children and extending the school we have raised funds for solar panels, educational resources such as books and lab equipment, a school farm and more.


   Positive Living Hospital Project


The Nteko Type III facility ( Health Clinic ) located just outside Nkuringo is in poor shape.  The buildings are badly in need of renovation and refurbishment.  At present two basic buildings with minimal facilities struggle to support the local HIV community. After our assessment of the situation during the Go Uganda trip in 2018  the NECS team are proposing a fund raising scheme which will either renovate the existing buildings or rebuild entirely.  Meetings are in progress with the Ugandan government.


Our charity also provides much needed support to two Women’s groups, two Batwa Pygmy reservations, two HIV Groups as well as complex medical aid to local people who could not otherwise afford the specialist treatment required.  We are true to our name – Nkuringo Education and Community Support.