"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" - Malcom X

Education in Nkuringo

Nkuringo Foundation Nursery and Primary School

In 2014, there was only a primary school. Small, in need of refurbishment, but run and taught by determined and committed teachers. Since then, Nkuringo Foundation Nursery and Primary School has flourished. Where practical, we have undertaken a series of extensive refurbishments and a wide-ranging expansion of the physical infrastructure, building new classrooms and dormitories, a kitchen with energy saving stoves, toilets and shower blocks, teachers accommodation, water tanks and an assembly/play area.

From baby class to Primary 7 (P7), there are 10 years overseen by 11 teachers with 9 support staff to care for the animals and food producing gardens. Each year groups are taught a range of subjects, in the same manner as English schools, to give them the broadest primary education. There are now over 300 children in the school, 70% with NECS sponsors from around the world. Sponsorship provides an education, boarding at school for most, a new uniform each year, food and the gift of hope.

The teachers remain determined to give the best education they can, and since 2021, P7 students have successfully passed their Certificate of Education, allowing them to graduate to Secondary School. A fact we're all extremely proud of.

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Education in Nkuringo

Nkuringo Community Vocational Secondary School

In 2017, due to to the success of the primary school, a secondary school was opened. This ensured their education could continue locally, and to the highest standards.

Senior 1 (S1) to Senior 4 (S4) years take the students to the equivalent of the British GCSE standard. Students study a wider range of subjects than primary and in greater detail. From 2024, the curriculum will change to a more student-based learning approach, on a reduced number of subjects in line with Uganda school curriculum.

Starting with one building, there has been a swift and extensive development of the site including a boy's dormitory, the Ryan Bonner Memorial building, incorporating library, science lab and classrooms, a disabled wing, permanent kitchen, girl's dorms and recently a new flat playing area.

There are now over 200 students, with approximately 75% sponsored. They are educated by 14 teaching staff and 5 support staff.

As well as academic subjects, students are encouraged to learn a range of more vocational skills from carpentry and sewing to crop and animal husbandry. Trips are regularly arranged for them to visit workplaces and encourage non-academic careers.

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