Team Supporting NECS in Uganda

Team Supporting NECS in Uganda

NECS UAC (Nkuringo Education and Community Support Ugandan Administrative Committee) are a key part of our work in Nkuringo. These people represent the needs of the Nkuringo community to ensure the support provided reflects what the community wants and not necessarily what we might think they need. As members of the UK team only make it out to Uganda twice a year, we also need people on the ground in Uganda to ensure the projects are followed through, money is spent as requested and photos of the results are sent back to us. All the photos on Facebook or in the newsletters throughout the year, apart from those taken during a Go Uganda trip, are taken by our NECS UAC members.

NECS Ugandan Administrative Committee

Asiimuwe Auleria – Chairperson

Asgario Turyagyenda – Ugandan NECS Patron

Ahimbisibwe Hilary – Secretary

Donozio Saturday – Secondary School Deputy Headmaster

Geraldine Atuhaire – Primary School Bursar

Stella Vumiria

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