Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

In 2024 the sponsorship cost to cover the education of a child in Nkuringo is just £160, whether in primary or secondary school. If you are able to also cover the purchase of a new school uniform, the total cost will be £175 for primary or £180 for secondary (uniforms are smaller for primary!).

If it helps, we are happy for you to pay monthly: £13.35 per month to cover £160 per year

or £14.40*/£15.00^ per month to cover £175*/£180^ per year. You will need to set up a monthly standing order with your bank at the beginning of the sponsorship period to cover this. Get in touch with us and we can send you details.

Due to price rises in Uganda the sponsorship fees no longer cover food, which has been calculated to cost at least £60 per year for each child. There is absolutely no obligation for sponsors to cover this cost, but if  you are able to do so that is wonderful. Sponsor fees including education, uniform and food equate to: £19.60*/£20.00^ per month or £235*/£240^ per year. We fully appreciate that many sponsors may be unable to do this and have introduced a separate donation to cover the shortfall.

Note: ‘*’ denotes primary and ‘^’ denotes secondary

We regularly post on the Go Uganda Facebook group page the children looking for sponsors and provide a brief description of the child; male / female, parents, siblings, village. The students are nominated by the community in Nkuringo.

There’s no need to be concerned about whether you’ll be able to support a child throughout their schooling. If your circumstances change, let us know. We make it our priority that children already being sponsored are first on the list for a new sponsor should things change. In this way we make sure they can continue their education.

Why not get in touch now and start making a difference to just a child’s life in Nkuringo.

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