Working together to support the Nkuringo community


Since 2014, NECS have continued to expand the areas of help we offer, depending on the needs of the community at the time.

Fundamentally, we view Nkuringo as a whole, taking a considered, proactive approach to the projects and areas we help, whilst being mindful to the implications.
Thanks to the strong relationship with the Uganda team, calls for assistance are quickly relayed which means we can be nimble in our response to disasters and medical emergencies. Our network of supporters come together with the determination to make a difference.
During the COVID lockdown, when schools and businesses were closed and there was no government support, we focussed on providing money for seeds, tools and plants so they might feed themselves. In the aftermath of particularly violent wet seasons when homes and lives have been lost, we focus on rebuilding and offering sponsorship to alleviate suffering.
With the expansion of education services, we've had to consider extra water tanks, dormitories and new kitchens. Each step forward brings its own demands for extra resources.
As a result we have identified over 30 projects and significant areas of involvement in the community where we can see our support, and your donations, have made an impact and changed lives. These are all stories of hope, of the global NECS community pulling forces for the better of the Nkuringo community.

Community Hall Development

Read more about how NECS are rising to the challenge of providing Nkuringo with its own communications hub in the form of a Community Hall.

How you can help

No one every became poorer by giving. Any donation, however large or small, makes a difference in Nkuringo.

"We must never forget that by working and learning together about our different worlds, we can better understand how we are one people, one humanity, all reaching for the same goal: to ensure we make the most of the precious gift of life we have all been given"
Jan Duchesne

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