With your support, we can change lives in Nkuringo

Your gift can make a big difference

Changing lives

Your gift can educate a child, enable a woman to develop her potential, lend a helping hand to a small business or assist a family to become self-sufficient.

We are a U.K based charity, run entirely by volunteers with supporters across the globe. 100% of the funds you donate goes out to the community in Nkuringo. Not only can you support the work in Nkuringo through financial donations, but you can be part of our bi-annual Go Uganda trips;
• Delivering aid directly to the community,
• Meet, talk, sing and dance with the people of Nkuringo,
• Working in partnership with the community to identify the next project which can enable a better future.
In doing so, we know you will fall in love with Nkuringo just like we have!
Thank you for your kindness.

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