What you can donate

What you can donate


Other than sponsoring a child through their education, there are many other things you can choose to donate and help those in Nkuringo. Any contribution, whether donating that £10 your great aunt put in your birthday card, or raising £500 doing a sponsored run, will all go to Nkuringo. As we are run by volunteers, there is no administrative overhead to cover. You can even choose what your money goes towards, and we will send you photos so you can see where your money went to in Nkuringo for you to share with friends and family. Even better, you could join a Go Uganda trip and come and see for yourself.

These are some of the things that are regularly needed.

Ideas for your donationAmount 
Primary or secondary school food fundAnyIt costs £60 a year to feed a student, but even the smallest contribution helps
School jumper£7    You can nominate the child the item goes to if you wish  
Large lockable storage box£25
Mattress£40    These items will be owned by the school. Where appropriate it may be possible to have them engraved in memory of someone, or to show they were from you.
Desk set£30
Bunk Bed£50
Helping Hands Loan£30The money goes to the community which manages the loans
Solar Panel£350 
Water Tank£650 

From time to time we have a particular fund raising programme like our current Community building project which benefits from any size of donation. Some of our other fundraising projects have included school kitchen stoves that use less wood, an accommodation block for the primary school teachers, sewing machines for the community and the schools to use, revamping the bathroom for the secondary school girls, and purchasing a motorcycle for the HIV clinic.

Alternatively, if you have another  idea for your donation, contact us through the contact form on the website and we can discuss it with you. For example; Zara, a teenager who was passionate about the environment, raised money to plant trees in Nkuringo. Naturally we discuss with those in Nkuringo to see if it’s something they see value in.

Please use the donate button to make your donation, and contact us using the contact form on the website to say what you’d like the money to go towards. Remember to let us know if anything needs to be named (like a hen or goat) or you want any furniture engraved. Thank you!

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